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The contract for the creation of the online portal G.I.S. from the „MaraStrategy” project

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, the contract for the creation of the online services portal and GIS management system, supply of IT equipment – server, UPS, server operating licenses and provision of GIS licenses was signed, within the “MaraStrategy” project, project developed by the International Relations Office within the Maramureș County Council. The value of the contract is 1,640,000 lei without VAT, and the winning bid following the tender procedure belongs to FIDA Solutions.

The signing of the contract took place in the Cabinet of the President of the Maramureș County Council, Gabriel Zetea, being present the members of the team and the administrator of the company, Iulian Furnea. The winning company also implemented similar contracts with ApaNova Bucharest, Brăila County Council and Cluj Napoca.

“It is one of the largest contracts within the Mara Strategy project and with a major impact on the development of the community, the citizen and the future activities of the Maramureș County Council. I am delighted that the IT application will be developed by a company from the county, which reflects the effort made by local companies to rise to high standards of professionalism „, said the head of the county administration, Gabriel Zetea.

The online services portal application and G.I.S. will contain a module of Strategic Planning and Spatial Planning. Through it, the implementation of a geospatial solution will be ensured for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the services provided by the public administration at the level of the Maramureș County Council.

In this way, the delivery time of public services in the field of urbanism and spatial planning will be reduced, respectively the authorization of constructions and the approval of urban planning documents, but also the elaboration of investment policy and development strategies on the county territory. A unitary database will be created at the level of the entire county, which will include a set of background data, on a structure based on layers, as support for the implemented components. This will integrate the data available in geospatial format from the moment the application is implemented.

In addition, the data regarding the U.A.T.s from Maramureș County will be taken over and integrated in the application, without being limited to the administrative-territorial borders (county limit, ATU limit, intra-urban / extra-urban limits, cadastral limits, etc.). The innovative part of the project is the integrated approach to the implementation of the G.I.S., correlated with the elaboration of development strategies, through a computer support system, dedicated, turnkey, adapted to the institution.

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