You are currently viewing The activities for the creation of the online portal G.I.S. (Geographic Information System) of the Maramureș County Council

The activities for the creation of the online portal G.I.S. (Geographic Information System) of the Maramureș County Council

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, the working meeting took place that started the contract for the creation of the online services portal and GIS management system, supply of IT equipment – server, UPS, server operating licenses and provision of GIS licenses, won by the company „FIDA Solutions” , within the “MaraStrategy” project.

Those present discussed the stages of the contract and discussed how to work to achieve the objectives of the project, but also to make the data and information that will be uploaded to the future database as accurate and clear as possible. The contract includes 3 components: creation of the online services portal and G.I.S. management system, endowment with a high-performance server and uninterruptible power supply, server operating licenses and provision of GIS licenses: E.S.R.I. The working session was attended by the “MaraStrategy” and “FIDA Solutions” project teams, together with the Chief Architect of Maramureș County, George Lazăr, who was enthusiastic about the results that will appear together with the G.I.S.

The portal information system that will be implemented in the near future within the Maramureș County Council will provide the online interface for citizens in order to reduce bureaucracy and to provide information / assistance, forms, receiving requests, issuing documents, paying taxes online, including the management of geospatial information entered into the database. The citizen will have at his disposal through the GIS portal an entire database with the necessary forms and will interact online with the institution of the Maramureș County Council.

„A major impact of this portal, after implementation, will be that the citizen will no longer have to come to the Maramureș County Council with the” rail „file under his arm, but will have an online alternative,” said the manager of FIDA Solutions , Iulian Furnea.

Specifically, the data regarding the ATUs in Maramureș County will be taken over and integrated in the application, including the digitization and vectorization of 58 PUGs (General Urban Plan) and a number of users will be trained within the project and the Chief Architect Directorate. . At the same time, the portal can be accessed and used directly by the town halls of Maramureș, as a working tool in the field of urbanism. The innovative part of the project is the integrated approach to the implementation of the G.I.S., correlated with the elaboration of development strategies, through a computer support system, dedicated, turnkey, adapted to the institution.

„In the conditions of the current pandemic, but also of the transformations that are taking place in the digitalization of public administration, this portal and all the activities carried out within the MaraStrategy project prove their usefulness and importance”, concluded the project manager, Dan Cocoșilă.

By implementing the “MaraStrategy” project, we will witness a significant change in the relationship between the citizen and the county public administration, a set of coherent and harmonized plans and strategies at county level will be developed between the fundamental components, essential for territorial and sectoral development.

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