General objective

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Specific objectives:

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  • 1. Elaboration of development documents for the next period of Maramureș County, sectorial plans and strategies, starting from the updating of planning documents (for which it is the case).
  • 2. Realization of an IT system for managing its own archives, as well as digitization of processes and document flows, including retro-archiving of documents from the traditional archive of the Maramureș County Council.
  • 3. Development of a computer system such as a computer portal to provide the online interface for citizens in order to reduce bureaucracy and to provide information / assistance, including computer system for geospatial information management (GIS).
  • 4. Training a number of 48 people - the own apparatus of the Maramureș County Council in various topics related to strategic planning, urbanism and spatial planning, public policies, etc.