„MaraStrategy” – a new project in Maramureș County Council in support of county development

„MaraStrategy” – a new project in Maramureș County Council in support of county development

MaraStrategy ”, the new project of the Maramureș County Council, whose implementation will start soon, is intended primarily to ensure an institutional framework to ensure a simplification of decision-making and functional processes in the Maramureș County Council.

The total value of the project is 3,967,941.55 lei, and it will run for a period of 30 months.

“The MaraStrategy project responds to the need identified at the level of the Maramureș County Council to ensure the increase of the activity efficiency by implementing a system of simplification and efficiency measures oriented towards citizens. This system will streamline and optimize the activities and work processes in the institution, responding better, more efficiently and to high quality standards to the requirements of the beneficiaries of the activities – individuals and legal entities that use the public services provided by the institution. Also, the relationship with the coordinated and subordinated institutions as well as with the local public authorities in the county will be streamlined and optimized ”underlined the president of the Maramureș County Council, Gabriel-Valer Zetea.

The project ensures the elaboration of a set of plans and strategies at county level coherent and harmonized between the fundamental components, essential for the territorial and sectorial development. Thus, the County Planning Plan will be updated and correlated with the strategic directions of territorial development.

The economic sector will be supported by the elaboration of the County Investment Plan, which will allow a better knowledge of the investment needs as well as of the requirements and trends of business development.

Tourism in Maramureș is experiencing an increasing development. Within the economic sector, it is a priority. In this sense, in order to ensure an optimal substantiation of the decisions based on clear and unitary analyzes and proposals, the Sectoral Strategy for the development of county tourism will be elaborated.

At the level of the institution, the Institutional Development Plan will be elaborated, which aims to streamline the activity of the institution to provide services in a judicious, optimal way, in conditions of organizational and functional efficiency.

Of great importance in the project is the way to streamline and optimize the services offered to the general public. For this purpose, a digitized archive of the institution will be created, which will simplify the work with the archived documents, retrieving them and providing the documents to the applicants.

In the field of urbanism and spatial planning, an IT portal will be developed that will ensure an opening to the public by facilitating the submission of applications for the issuance of documents in the field. The portal will cover the entire county territory, ensuring the inclusion of all the General Urban Plans of the cities and communes from Maramureș County. The GIS solution will ensure integrated management, strategic decision-making at the county level, being a tool for unitary management of public space and its modeling processes, standardization of working procedures, centralizing the effort of departments, services and departments of the County Council on the one hand, and of all ATUs on the other hand, through a unitary, easy representation, with graphical interaction of all available data at the level of county and local public administration.

The computer portal is open to the general public, ensuring the following functionalities:

Online services portal component:

– Publication for public consultation of the issued urban planning documents

–Certificates, authorizations, in tabular (report) or graphic format (map with the arrangement of the documentation on the lands for which they were issued)

– Electronic forms

– Petitions

– Payment of taxes and duties

– Downloading and submitting documents online

– Online download and release of applications and documents

– Information and Assistance

– Issuance of Urbanism Certificate, Construction Authorization and signature with extended electronic signature.

One of the objectives of the project is to increase the degree of professionalism of the staff in the institution.

Within this project a number of 48 civil servants will be trained from European funds on topics related to strategic planning, training in GIS 2 modules, strategic thinking and institutional development, local sustainable development in a global context, specialist in spatial planning, urbanism and spatial planning, urbanism and authorization of construction works, design and implementation of public policies, the new concept of territorial planning: Smart City, sustainable development in the European context.

The “MaraStrategy” project, MySMIS code 126337, is guaranteed 100% non-reimbursable financing through the Operational Program Administrative Capacity, and the Managing Authority is the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration. „MaraStrategy” is a project developed by the representatives of the International Relations Office and is complementary to projects carried out in the past, including Magic, Mara Quality or Neuron.

Expected results:

Standard mechanisms and procedures implemented at local level for substantiating decisions and long-term strategic planning, the result of a study on how to approach development planning in an equivalent institution in an EU member state.

Standard mechanisms and procedures implemented at local level for substantiating decisions and long-term strategic planning result achieved through a set of documents of Maramureș County development planning.

Simplified procedures for reducing bureaucracy for citizens at local level correlated with the Integrated Plan for the simplification of administrative procedures for citizens implemented result achieved through a system of simplification measures for citizens comprising a front office (online citizen interface computer system for providing information / assistance, forms, receipt of requests and issuance of documents) and a back office comprising a computer system for archive management and retro-digitization of traditional document archives, computer system for geospatial data management.

Improved knowledge and skills of staff from local public authorities and institutions, in order to support the measures / actions targeted by the specific objective, achieved by training 48 people – the own apparatus of Maramureș County Council – in various topics related to strategic planning, urbanism and land use planning, public policies.