Maramureș County Territorial Development Plan

The Maramureș County Spatial Planning Plan is a directional and mandatory documentation, which represents the spatial expression of the socio-economic development program of the county having the role of harmonizing the sustainable development of the territory. P.A.T.J. correlates with P.A.T.N., P.A.T.Z., sectoral government programs, and other development programs.


The document will take into account the socio-demographic structure and economic activities, the inter-county, regional and national territorial context, the directions and development priorities of the county at the territorial level, for a maximum period of 10 years, established based on prospective diagnosis. ensures the elimination / reduction of development gaps. At the same time, the document will have an action plan for implementing the provisions of the plan – territorial public policies, programs and projects, measures of organization over time, specifying responsibilities and sources of funding, public policies, programs and public investment projects necessary for sustainable development and competitive territory.

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