You are currently viewing „Mara Strategy” was signed, an essential project for the future of strategic planning of the activity of Maramureș County Council

„Mara Strategy” was signed, an essential project for the future of strategic planning of the activity of Maramureș County Council

The President of the Maramureș County Council, Gabriel-Valer Zetea, signed today in the presence of the project team the financing contract for the “MaraStrategy” project in a total amount of 3,967,941.55 lei, submitted on the Public Administration Priority Axis. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration is signed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Vasile-Daniel Suciu.

“Mara Strategy is one of the important projects that will have a positive impact in the future activity of the Maramureș County Council, but also directly on each citizen by facilitating and simplifying access to documents and forms needed for interaction with the county public administration. We will have an online interface through which the Maramureș resident, economic agents or coordinated or subordinated institutions will have at hand all the necessary documents in relation to the Maramureș County Council, ”said during the signing meeting the president of Maramureș County Council, Gabriel-Valer Zetea.

„Mara Strategy” aims to create IT systems designed to manage its own archives, digitize processes and document flows, including back-archiving from the existing traditional archive and a portal to provide the online interface for citizens by providing information and assistance. , forms, receipt of requests, issuance of documents, including geospatial information management system (GIS).

Also within this project a number of 48 civil servants will be trained from European funds on topics related to strategic planning, training in GIS 2 modules, strategic thinking and institutional development, local sustainable development in a global context, specialist in spatial planning, urbanism and spatial planning, urbanism and the authorization of construction works, design and implementation of public policies, the new concept of territorial planning: Smart City, sustainable development in a European context.

The innovative part of the project is the integrated approach to the implementation of the G.I.S. correlated with the elaboration of development strategies, through a computer support system, dedicated, turnkey, adapted to the institution.

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