Investment Strategy of Maramureș County

Any geographical area that has specific territorial characteristics can be the subject of an investment strategy, from certain urban neighborhoods with multiple unfavorable conditions, to urban, metropolitan, urban-rural, subregional or inter-regional level. Knowing the context of the local economy is essential for an optimal strategy. A competitive assessment will use the quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the economy, capabilities and resources to help identify the strategic direction for the local economy. According to specialized studies, the analysis and diagnosis of the investment environment are particularly important components of the strategic managerial process that ensures the success of companies in the competitive market. Thus, Maramureș County, represented by the Maramureș County Council, identified this opportunity, wanting to create a strategic investment document to attract investments by capitalizing on the county’s resources.

This strategic document is addressed to all local actors in the public administration at the county level who want and can contribute to the development of localities by identifying investment opportunities and attracting investors. Each community has unique local conditions that promote or hinder economic development, and the latter must be eliminated in order to bring local investment processes and processes into line with European standards, which have become a mandatory condition.

For each territorial administrative unit it must be known at least:

– natural resources (land, etc.) that can be made available to investors;

– the existence and condition or lack of municipal utility networks in the area;

– costs for municipal networks (water, sewerage, electricity, gas, telecommunications, electricity, etc.)

– report on the current labor market situation in that community;

– average cost of living / locality;

– the average salary / tenant of the area of ​​interest.

Having a study on the existing situation of investment opportunities, it can serve as a presentation material for all potential investors and can even be offered to diplomatic missions to ensure a clearer picture of the investment potential of Maramures County.

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